Age Spots (or Liver Spots) and Sun Spots are flat and oval blemishes that vary in size and are usually brown, grey or black. Age Spots and Sun Spots are completely harmless and don’t require medical treatment.

What causes age spots and sun spots?

The primary cause of age and sun spots is prolonged sun exposure and therefore age spots on the face and on other exposed areas, such as the hands, shoulders and arms, are very common. The spots are formed when the skin, in an effort to protect itself from excessive levels of ultraviolet sunlight, produces a dark brown pigment known as melanin. When melanin production is even, the skin has a tanned look, whereas when it is uneven, it results in a concentration of pigment in certain areas, which causes spotting. Moreover, after the age of 40, the skin is less able to heal from sun damage and sometimes aging itself results in melanin cluster production.

Who Suffers from Age Spots and Sun Spots?

Sun lovers who are overexposed to ultraviolet (UVA) light and have sun damaged skin may develop Age and Sun Spots. Age Spots on the hands and on other exposed skin areas usually appear in adults over the age of 40, but can be found in younger individuals as well. Some people have a genetic predisposition to spotting. Individuals with a fair complexion are more prone, but darker people also have Age Spots.

Treatments for Age Spots and Sun Spots

 IPL Photorejuvenation: Effective sun damage treatment for age spots removal and a more even skin tone.

DeepFX|ActiveFX: Single treatment, most effective results, also helps fine lines and wrinkles.